Friday, January 22, 2010

We've got our Visas...

WHEW!!  Man is that a relief.  I don't ever want to be sitting by the front door sweating the Fedex man's arrival like we did for Jackson's trips.  Poor Lance says he's overcome by nausea every time he sees a Russian visa after the "Great Russian Visa Incident of 2006" when he botched the dates.

Alrighty, we are one step closer to traveling and this makes it seems more like a reality.  Well, this and the four lists my husband sent me this morning reminding me of all the stuff we need to get done!  When Lance gets nervous, he makes lists.  Currently, he has four... five if you count the list he has to keep track of his lists.  When I get nervous, I don't sleep.  I've been operating on 3-4 hours of sleep a night for the last couple of weeks or so.

I took a Unisom last night and was able to get a full nights sleep, but woke up this morning all dried out and hung over feeling.  It's almost not worth it, you know?

We got to meet a lovely family yesterday that lives in our town.  Her little guys are from Russia, her oldest has been home for a little over three years and her youngest just came home in June 2009.  They're both so cute and sweet.  However, as she chased the littlest one hither and yon all over the play place I was reminded that my days as a "remote control" Mommy are going to be over for a while.

Now, when we go somewhere, all I have to do is make eye contact with Jack and give him the "come here" sign.  He runs right over and give me a nice, polite "Yes, Mommy?"  See, remote control!  The new little guy is going to require me running right behind him to keep him from killing himself, just like Jack did when he was little.  ~sigh~  Does this give you ANY clue as to how lazy I am?

Now back to the other little guy... as he was playing, she scooped him up and gave him the patented Mommy Bootie Sniff to confirm that the hideous odor she noted (not that I did) was indeed coming from  little man's bottom.  Awww, MAN!!  I forgot all about diapers!!  I'm gonna have to change diapers again!!  Do you know how much I HATE changing poopy diapers?  The day Jack trained to poop in the toilet was declared a National holiday in our home.  Crap... I can't believe I forgot about poopy diapers (no pun intended).

That's all the news that is news around here today...


  1. Congrats on your upcoming trip... I'm looking forward to following it on your blog!

  2. How exciting! Have a wonderful trip!

  3. You are sooo cracking me up! I hate changing poopy diapers with a passion. Martin and I requested a 3 or 4 year old girl secretly hoping she would come home potty trained. We were all BTDT with the diaper thang 4X! When we got "the call" for a 7 month old, we both looked at each other and said "Oh no, DIAPERS!". Can you believe we actually told our agency we'd have to think about it? Of course it only took us about 30 seconds to say Yes. Martin said he thought I could handle it. HaHa, as if! I can't imagine not having our sweet Lexi in our family, diapers and all. But my New Year's resolution was that 2010 would be THE year I no longer have to wipe anyone's booty!

  4. Congrats on the visas, yayyyyye!
    I've had several moments of reality hitting me in the same way - a teeny tiny one that needs constant surveillance AND needs their diapers changed...sigh no more lazy parenting! at least we'll have the older ones to help, right??

  5. dude you should totally try Ambien just for the fun of it. Only because you get awesome stories like this