Friday, January 1, 2010

We've got our dates!!!

I could repeatedly apologize for not keeping the blog updated, but nothing has been going on... until a couple of days ago.  I got an email with our travel dates to the Moscow region.  We leave on February 6th and meet with the MoE on Monday, Feb 8th.   We will definitely be posting more frequently as we go along.  We'll be quoting prices as much as we can to help others that are following along get an idea of the overall costs.

So far, we've booked our flights... at $750 a piece, it beats the heck out of the $2000 per person we paid for trip one back in 2006 for Jackson!  We also booked an apartment with Peace Travel .  We used Andrei during our first adoption and loved him!  The apartment rental will run around $1000 for the week.  Thank Heaven this is not "high season" for tourists!!  It makes it much easier to get better airfare/lodging prices.

Jackson keeps talking about "baby brother" and all the things he wants to teach him.  We kept my nephew this past week and it was a good opportunity for Jack to get used to having another small human in the house competing for my attention.  I can't imagine loving another child as much as I love him!  It feels strange to think that I'll have to divide my time... I spend so much time smooching and hugging on Jack, I'm gonna need more chapstick for all the extra kisses!!

I was so very organized with Jack's adoption, this time I'm chasing my tail!  I did manage to find our power adaptors, our Russian for children CD and some other travel things and get them consolidated into one place.  I'm glad we have so much time to plan, we're definitely going to need it.  Of course, Jack keeps "helping" me, which means I put something in the baby's room and he moves it.  He's decided that we need to take six stuffed animals to give to his brother, I've talked him into just one, thankfully!

We wanted to wish everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.  It's going to be a good one!!

Kim, Lance and Jackson

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  1. congratulations! So VERY glad to hear your good news!