Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I HATE waiting?

Perhaps I should re-visit the topic.  I. HATE. WAITING.  Not that I didn't appreciate the break in airfare and the extra time we've had to get stuff ready, but come on already!  Can we go now?

Me with too much time on my hands is not a pretty thing.  If I say to Lance "Ooh, Honey what do you think about  - blank-?", he's going to kill me.  Kill me and stuff my body up the chimney.  I've packed one suitcase, read a blog about how their suitcase got lost, unpacked the suitcase to re-pack it into two carry ons, then decided that it was too much to carry, then unpacked again... you get the point.  I'm going to end up in Russia with one pair of underwear, a festive summer scarf and a pair of swim goggles if I don't stop playing luggage roulette!

I've tortured Nana with endless lists of exactly how Jack likes his breakfast, where we wait for the bus, when to give him snacks, and on and on and on.  It's not like the poor woman hasn't already successfully raised a child!  What do I think she's gonna do?  Throw him out in the backyard to forage for food with the dog?  And God bless her, she just pulls out a notepad and dutifully documents the insanity.

Did I tell you that Nana (brave soul that she is) is staying at our house with Jackson while we're gone?  She'll be taking care of the menagerie as well.  Her cat, our cat and our dog... four mouths and fourteen feet!  She'll also be filling the role of Jackson's social secretary, taking him to open gym at the YMCA, playdates at Monkey Joe's, gymnastics class and ensuring he's sitting in front of the computer at 12 noon to Skype every day with Daddy and me.  She is such a love, and she does it all with a smile!

Well, I've gotta go get ready for work.  Here's hoping all the families that are in Russia are having a great day (especially Mark and Sinzi), the ones that are getting ready to travel are safe and warm, and those that are waiting for phone calls get them soon!


  1. Kim! I feel like we are old friends. What a great story~ Can't wait to read more about your adventure.
    I am going out tonight and buying a cake with a candle and I'm going to make a wish.....
    Thanks for all the laughs, I REALLY needed that.
    Love, Sarah
    P.S.- Waiting is the WORST word in the english language.

  2. It sounds like Nana will have everything under control!! Waiting is the pits - but you're almost there!