Thursday, April 29, 2010

On May 27th.... life as we know it will change forever

I've been politely stalking the folks at CSS since our paperwork arrived last weekend via another adoptive family.  I talked to C yesterday and she said she was pretty sure we wouldn't here anything about our date until after the May holidays.  Then this morning I got an email with our court date!

In less than six hours we had flights confirmed, apartment rented and the visa applications sent out to the agency.  Having three weeks notice for court feels so decadent.  We had three DAYS notice before we had to fly out when we adopted Jack.  Now THAT was stressful!

Their little clothes are all sorted out and washed, the diaper bag is packed, the room is ready.  Are we?   When I think about what it means to bring home two little guys, I still get a little stressed and anxious.  I hope that by planning for the worst, we will find it doesn't live up to our fears.

I will post more as we go along, but for now "I gotta get outta here!"  (family joke)

Monday, April 19, 2010

And now we wait...

We signed our court petition as well as new Post-Placement and Registration agreements, had them notarized, drove in rainy, nasty Friday night traffic to get them apostilled, then sent them on their way to Russia.  Well, they'll be on their way next week when our local agency folks fly to Moscow to meet with their Russian counterparts.  If they can get there, that is!  Hopefully that volcanic ash cloud will clear soon so everyone can resume traveling.  I know of a couple of families that are stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic... either trying to get to their new children, or trying to get home.

Now the clock starts ticking.  They are free to be adopted, and boy oh boy are we ready to bring them home!

We're famous...sort of... okay, not really...

I got a phone call Friday from local news reporter Matt Roy wanting to do a "human interest" piece on us.  It seems he got a email referring him to our blog, and tracked us down locally.  Kind of cool, but a little bit scary too.  Crap, people can FIND me?  I'd best be a bit more careful about what I write then, eh?  Anyway, we talked on the phone for a few minutes and VOILA... we are least in our own minds.

A photographer came out on Saturday and took some pictures of the family.  Lance asked me later, "Hey, do we get to proof the photos?"  Yes, dear.  The local news affiliate is going to rush the photos back to the house so we can pick the most flattering one...not!  (for the record, I knew he was kidding)

If you're interested in reading the article, you can find it here.  (ETA: Link now takes you to local TV news broadcast of our interview) The accompanying photo recycles through the main home page.  Frankly, I looked a bit wall-eyed.  I think the stress of it all is finally getting to me.  Clearly, I need a makeover and some microdermabrasion!

Go ahead, you can admit you're jealous of the fame we've achieved.  It's not often you see adoptive families catapulted into the limelight like this!

I'll just spend the rest of the day basking in my own glory... if anyone needs to reach me, call my agent.

ETA:  Link now defunct... thanks for letting me know Lauri!  There is a new link to the TV broadcast that was done a day later for WBZ news.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are we being Punk'd?

Sooo, maybe adoptions aren't "suspended"?  It would seem that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement this morning that loosely translated into a "suspension of adoption proceedings".  Interestingly enough, adoptions are not handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The Ministry of Education (MoE) who DOES handle adoptions denied knowledge of any such suspension.  Typical.

Seriously, I don't think I can take much more of this.  I posted on my agency's Yahoo group that I keep expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out of my closet.  If he did I'd probably beat him to death with a hammer!  My nerves are shot.  If I were a drinking woman, I'd be passed out under the dining room table right about now!

We're still signing the paperwork tomorrow and getting it apostilled.  We are going to continue moving forward until someone drops a piano on our heads.

If you hear a big jangly crash tomorrow, it's just that piano falling on my head....

I can't believe it...

I refrained from commenting too openly about the whole fiasco in Tennessee.  It just boggled my mind that someone would return a child to Russia like a pair of shoes they didn't like.  We've sat in a state of suspended animation the past week waiting for the TN District Attorney to step up and file some charges against the "mother" of the poor little boy caught up in this mess.  Apparently they still haven't decided whether or not a crime has been committed or not.  REALLY?  Umm, the last time I checked, child abandonment was a crime.

That issue aside, where do adoptions stand now?  No one knows which cases will be allowed to move forward, if any.  What happens to the folks that are in the 10 day wait?  In Russian civil/family court the judges decision is not final until it is signed 10 days later.  Does that mean that families caught in the waiting period are suspended too?  Some folks have mentioned (hopefully) that families that have already traveled on Trip One and that are waiting for court should be allowed to complete their adoptions.  My gut says that won't happen.  I think the whole thing is going to remain frozen until an agreement is reached.

The agreement.  What will they ask for?  What will the US agree to?  I will be calling my agency today to chat, like everyone else.  I know the answer will be "We don't know".  I just want to hear it from them.

Anyone want to join me on a trip to Tennessee to kick some ass?  I imagine I'll have to get in line...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who the hell is Bob Dooley?

Hello again... I know, I know.  It's been a completely ridiculous amount of time since I last posted, but I have to tell you that you haven't missed too much.  It's been a LONG few weeks waiting for the next big event... waiting to sign the court petition.  We officially sign on Monday, the 19th and our agency will hand deliver it that week.  We're still hoping for a court date some time around the middle of May.

We've gotten more stuff together and finished some household projects.  I've gotten a couple of FABULOUS gifts and prizes from friends and family members, and given a couple to myself!  My lovely sibling bought me a Peg Perego Twin Aria 60/40... Ooooh, it is so cool!  It only weighs 19 pounds and collapses nice and flat.  I'm a little in love.  The best part is that there is no middle wheel, so when you're trying to walk quickly, you're not constantly kicking that thing in the middle!

I broke down and bought myself a Skip Hop Duo Diaper bag.  Sigh.  Another purchase that I want to take to bed and cuddle!  It's been touted as one of the better diaper bags for families with multiple diaper wearing small humans.  I am in the process of packing it for our trip, and I have to admit, I start to hyperventilate a little every time I think about it.  Somehow packing diaper bags and getting clothes ready makes it a bit more real.  Here's a photo of the diaper bag so you can admire it...

And here's the one of the best biggest surprises EVER!  I came home from work on Tuesday at the same time Lance did.  I was saying "Hi" to Jack and getting a little pre-schooler love when I hear Lance yell from the front foyer (I came in the back door) "Why is there a Bob Dooley in our foyer?"  Genteel soul that I am,  I yell back "Who the hell is Bob Dooley?"  I walk around the corner and find a brand new, still boxed up Bob Revolution Duallie stroller.  I stare blankly at him, we stare at the box...  then Nana comes around the corner and says, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, Amy brought this stroller by for ya'll."  WTH?  Of course I call her right away to clarify that she has indeed lost her mind and given me this amazingly generous and thoughtful gift.  Yep.  She did.  How crazy, insane, over the top is that?  I still can't believe it. Thanks, Amy.  You are too kind.  Of course, I shall include a photo of the aforementioned marvelous stroller...

That's all the news that is news around here.  Now back to our regularly scheduled waiting......