Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are we there yet?

Sigh... you know, as much I complained about the ZERO notice we got for our travel with Jack's adoption , I think I almost prefer it.  Back in 2006, we got a phone call on Wednesday saying we needed to be in region (Kemerovo) the following Monday.  I hyperventilated, freaked out, called my husband and cried, then called them back and said there was no way we could do it.  We negotiated and agreed to be there the following Monday under extreme threats that we might lose our referral.  The airfare cost right at $4000, plus the associated rushed visa fees.  Too much money!!  Then for court we got the call at 1 a.m. on Thursday morning that we needed to be there Monday.  We did it.  For court, we overcame any and all obstacles.  I vaguely remember calling my employer and saying I wasn't coming in for the next eight weeks and slamming down the phone before they replied.  We were sitting there rocking and moaning that Saturday morning, anxiously awaiting our visas.  Did you know that you can refresh the Fedex website every 16 seconds to track a package... well, you can.

So, with more than a months notice for this trip I find myself at a loss.  Kicking the back of the drivers seat and whining (like some un-named 4 year old I know).  What else can I do?  I really can't pack anything else... I already had to do the walk of shame to the suitcase and remove the camera.  Not real sure why I felt the camera needed to be packed IMMEDIATELY, but clearly it needed to be done.  Ummm, not really.  Easy girl, you have a few days, ahem, weeks to go.

Lance and I find ourselves talking a lot about when we brought Jack home.  It's hard to remember the really early days, the days before we felt like he really belonged to us, and us to him.  He's such a huge part of us now,  and to wear out an overused phrase - we can't imagine life without him!  Do you think that already having and loving a child makes it easier to love the next one?  Now that we know how it feels, are we somehow more open to the experience?  The idea feels right, it sort of sparkles, like having the right answer to something.

Oh well, I guess we're getting ready to test my hypothesis.  We'll let you know how it goes....


  1. So excited for all of you... I have been wondering what is going on, glad you got travel dates. How awesome you have saved so much money w/travel this time. Have a blast and I'll be following along :0) Are you staying in the same apartment as last time?

  2. Hi Dawn! We're actually staying in the same building you guys did, not the same swanky apartment though. We loved the Novy Arbat area, specially being so close to the grocery store. It will be nice to be somewhere familiar, you know?