Saturday, May 29, 2010

A day at the zoo...

and was it ever gorgeous!  We walked over the the Moscow Zoo and paid the grand price of 300 Rubles to get in (approx. $10-11 US).  They have a huge selection of animals and while it may not be up to US standards, the animals looked well-cared for and the staff were friendly and welcoming.

We saw all the major exhibits then hit the streets for a Stardog.  If you don't know about the Stardog, let me enlighten you... Stardog's is a chain of street kiosks that sells hotdogs and sausage-y type things.  OMG is the little spiral sausage sandwich good!!  Okay, so it sort of looks like Pomeranian poop on a roll, but it IS tasty.  They put it on a toasted roll with crunchy fried onions and spicy mustard...complete yumminess.

We came home to decompress, then braved the Metro.  We were able to successfully buy tickets and negotiate our way through a couple of different lines.  The Metro stops were built back in the 1930's and doubled as bomb shelters.  They all have different themes and are all just beautiful inside.  They trains go about 8 million miles an hour and run close together.  You have almost no wait in between... all in all, a very efficient way to travel!

Happy boy at the zoo!

I dare you to look at this photo and NOT sing "I Like to Move It" from Madagascar!! Original King Julian in da house!!

Jack and Daddy

It's hard to believe that tomorrow we'll have been here a week!  Next weekend we'll be getting all antsy about getting the boys... it's hard to believe it's really happening.

Paka for now....


  1. Looks like so much fun and Jack looks like he is having a great time!! Hoping the next week goes quick!!

  2. It does look like a beautiful day. Jack is such a happy child. I can see why the judge was impressed. Waiting to get the boys has to be hard. I can't wait for you to get them myself. I hope the time flies by.

    You look great, Kim, so slim and healthy.