Saturday, May 22, 2010

And.....we're off!!

Well, today is the day.  I got all teary-eyed last night putting Jackson to bed... I kept thinking about how this was the last time he had me all to himself at bedtime to snuggle for as much and as long as he wanted to.  I feel so torn.  I love him so very much and I can't even fathom how I could love anyone else as much.  I know, I know... love gets multiplied, not divided.  I just don't know how my heart could get any fuller!

We're done packing.  The entire house has been cleaned from top to bottom.  I've checked and re-checked our documents about a thousand times.  We've consolidated down from 5 lists (Lance LOVES him some lists) to one.  Hopefully we won't have any more of those "Dear God, we forgot about ________!!" moments.

We have three 45 pound suitcases (I don't want to hear about it), two backpacks, one diaper bag, a double stroller and my ginormous travel "purse".  I use the word purse's huge!  I had NO idea that packing for three plus weeks and three little boys would require so much stuff!  Really, it's not that much of their stuff, we are just loaded down with all our gifts for folks and our orphanage donations.  Once we get rid of all that, we should be able be able to only have two suitcases.  We will leave one of them there when it's empty.

Really, it will be an even trade... one 45 pound suitcase for 54 pounds of children.  At least they can walk!!

We will be posting photos on the blog as soon as it's legal.  Those of you that contact me privately will receive a private showing of the cuteness!!

Next post from Moscow!!


  1. I am so happy for all of you. I know in the beginning you thought this day would never get here and now you're on your way!

  2. Good luck - can't wait to hear how it goes.

  3. Good luck. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!!!

    Prayers for safe travels---now that you're ready, go have an AMAZING time with your kiddos!
    Much love and big hugs!

  5. Safe travels for all of you and I pray the 2 little ones do as well as Jackson did on his first flights :0)

  6. Have a safe and fun trip! I can't wait to read about all your exciting adventures! WhoooHooooo!!!

  7. Best of luck for a safe, smooth trip!