Tuesday, June 1, 2010

St. Basil's Cathedral... then and now

Just had to post this.  What a difference a few years makes, huh?

Setember 2006

June 2010

God, I LOVE that baby!!


  1. He is SUCH a handsome little guy!

  2. He is just soooo cute and you can see how excited he is to soon be having 2 new brothers!!!
    I still can't believe our names were on your documents!- So funny and more evidence that we actually were there and it wasn't all a dream!!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  3. How handsome!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing photos of the new additions to the family. I seem to remember last fall someone demanding photos before, during and after our adoption. Let's see... who was it? Oh, ya. It was YOU.

    So, I'm eagerly awaiting photos...

  4. wow!! he still is a beautiful little boy! :) so great to see all the fun you guys are having together there!! can't wait until you are a family of 5 and we can see more of the other kids :)

  5. Hard to believe it's been almost 4 yrs...WOW, time goes by so fast. Our little ones are growing up way to fast and are so handsome :0)

  6. I was wondering what was the date that you received your referral for Jackson? I know it is close to your gotcha day for the boys. We got Logan's on the 6th of June