Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To paint, or not to paint... that is the question.

When we found out we were bringing TWO home, I panicked.  I had the smaller room painted, decorated and ready for one little boy.  Then we had to come home, tear it apart, move the guest room and do some creative furniture re-arranging to make things fit.  We moved the boys into the much larger (relatively) guest room and squished the guest room into the old baby's room.

Now I have to repaint the "new" guest room, and really should paint the boys new room as well.  But I'm so laaaaazy!  I used to love to paint and rearrange, but with a child, all that home re-doing has lost its luster.    Kristyn just did this post about her little girls room.  It is so gorgeous and girly.  It makes me feel like a slacker.  Seriously ya'll, go take a look... I'll wait.  Isn't it pretty?

I'll try to get some good photos of the boys room and post them.  Perhaps some of you creative types can give me some ideas?  Keep in mind that we live in a 107 year old house with radiators, so furniture placement is a challenge to say the least!

I'll post photos later, I've gotta go get read for work!


  1. hey kim,
    maybe pick up one of those room re-do mags at lowes or home depot to get you inspired. or, wait til the last minute when the pressure is really on, that usually works for me. and if you don't get it done, children have survived much worse than unpainted undecorated bedrooms! land of nod has some great inspirations though, i love this orange/brown/blue transportation theme..what boy wouldn't want roads on his walls?

  2. I can't imagine painting or fixing up a room AFTER you get home! So I'd say... it's now or never. But that's just me... If we hadn't prepared a room in advance, there would be no room!. Of course, for the time being, our little boy sleeps in a crib in our room anyway, and only uses "his" room for playing a few times a week.