Sunday, February 14, 2010

Keeping quiet for the next couple of days...

Until we get the word that all is good on the Moscow side of things.  We made the commitment, now we need to make sure that they will still allow us to.  We left rather abruptly and with some tears, so hopefully they won't think we're total crackpots and let us proceed.

It seemed okay when we talked to the personnel on the US side of things.  When we left Russia they told us they were leaving all our paperwork in place because they weren't off the database anyway.  We'll find out tomorrow if everything is still a go.

Wouldn't it be ironic if we'd overcome our fears, made the mental and emotional commitment, only to find out that they said "No"?  Not funny at all, and quite frankly the thought of it makes me just ill.  I'll let you know how it goes....

Any prayers to the universe in general would be appreciated.

When we get resolution one way or the other regular posting will resume.  If anyone wants more of the story or to hear how we overcame our massive freak out, let us know.  Perhaps the story will help someone in the future.

A big shout out to my buddies Lisa and Justin who are there now waiting for court on Tuesday.  Good luck guys, we're thinking of you!!


  1. sending positive vibes your way

  2. Kim & Lance,
    I am so sorry this has become such an emotional rollercoaster - - as if IA weren't stressful enough. Of course we'll be lifting up prayers for all 5 of you. I'm not sure what all transpired in Moscow but if you need support, encouragement or just to vent I, and so many other CSS families, are just a click away!

    Best wishes,

  3. I'll be giving you a call so you can ...cry, kick, scream or whatever you want to do :0) Jeff and I have been thinking about you guy's everyday and praying for your decision. I can't imagine the thoughts you guys have had.

    Sending hugs your way,

  4. so sorry this is such a rollercoaster for you guys. my thoughts and prayers are with you and hope you get some great news very soon!!
    Best wishes

  5. kim,
    sending a prayer your way and hoping this works out exactly as it should. email if you need/want to share!

  6. Kim, We'll be praying for your situtation. You post when you feel ready and share as much or as little as you are comfortable. Take care - Rachel