Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thanks guys...

Thanks to all of you that took the time to post support and suggestions as well as those that wrote me privately.

Some of the things we have planned... have some little gifts for him to open each day (nothing pricey), Skype video every day after school, make a DVD with us reading some of his favorite stories (we LOVE 'The Kissing Hand') and do a count-down paper chain.  It was great to have all those ideas validated except for Sinzi's bad experience with poor little Diego and Skype.  I hope Jack does okay with it, if not, we'll limit the calls as needed.  The last thing poor Nana needs is a hysterical pre-schooler on her hands!

You guys are all so creative!!  Treasure hunts, hiding little love hearts, daily "mail calls" and video run downs of the day... great stuff, guys, great stuff.  The biggest thing we have left to do is record some stories.  I was planning on doing it earlier this week, then we both got sick with the colds from hell.  I keep hoping I'll clear up so I don't sound so nasal, but I guess he can live with my Fran Drescher imitation!

I think we're still in denial that we're actually leaving to meet our son.  I know I've mentioned it before, but it seems so vague and unreal without a referral in hand.  It's hard to get our hopes up for a complete unknown, and there is a possibility that we may come home without accepting a child.  Remote, but possible.  Before we met Jackson, I  told everyone that unless the he had a third hand growing out of his forehead, we were bringing him home!  I'm sure once we've seen the little guy and squished on him, it'll be a foregone conclusion.

It's getting late and I've got a busy day tomorrow.  I'm getting my hair done, then taking Jack with me to get one last document apostilled.  Then we come home and start stuffing the final things into a suitcase and begin hyperventilating.

Anyone got a paper bag I can put over my head?


  1. Kim it will all work out! all of this will eventually make you stronger and closer as a family. Now remind me of this in 8-15 months when we are in your shoes!! if you didn't need enough stress or pressue...I believe you are carrying our dossier with you! Give it a little pat and a kiss for me before you let it go out of your hands!

  2. When all this is said and done, maybe it will make Jack feel extra secure and loved. I mean, he will actually get to see that even with another child in the family nothing will ever change. He is your baby and always will be. You tell him this, of course, but now you are proving those words. And hey, btw, I am now officially a follower of this awesome blog!

  3. Safe Travels you guys :0) We are soooo excited for you :0)