Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm so WHINY today...

We had a super busy weekend!  We hauled six boxes of clothing down from the attic and sorted according to size and season.  I busted out my old information on OAMC (Once a Month Cooking) and Freezer cooking to stock up on some meals.  Lance took Jack down to the basement and did more work on patching our 100+ year old foundation and sealing the walls.  Jack likes to use the Shop Vac to suck up little concrete crumbles.  The problem is making sure that's ALL he sucking up.  We've found an interesting array of objects in the Shop Vac upon emptying it in the past!

Working with Jack in the basement goes something like this..."Buddy, don't chase the cat!  No, he doesn't like getting his fur vacuumed.  Honey, please don't suck up the wet cement... Daddy just put that on the wall.  Jack, the cement bucket does NOT need to be "Febreezed", it smells just fine.  I know you think it smells yucky, but it's the way it's supposed to smell."  You get the picture?  I think Daddy deserves a drink and a medal!

I have the boys room all done with the exception of painting our Craigslist armoire.  I'm going to work on it during the day when Jack is in school.  I should be able to get one coat of primer/paint on each day and have it done in three or four days tops.  Now when I actually start painting is up for debate... I just can't get enthused about busting out my paintbrush lately.  I moved the wall decals from the original room the the new one and think I got most of them level.  Well, level-ish anyway.  Here's a couple of photos:

Updated photo with new shelves

I've always loved this toddler bed!

My $60 Craigslist armoire

BTW, don't use your cell-phone when you're in Russia.  Apparently I used it more than I thought I did... we just got the bill yesterday for $482.  Lance called me while I was out shopping and told me to put down whatever I was holding and leave the store.  I had just found the cutest matching outfits for all three boys to take our annual family photos in... bummer.  Hopefully I can buy them later after I pick up a couple of extra shifts at work.

I emailed the nice people at the FBI since they still haven't charged our account for our fingerprint clearances and they've had them for over a month.  That pretty much means they haven't even opened the envelope.  I told them when we needed them in April and made a very polite, but impassioned plea to have them returned by then.  We'll see if I hear back from them next week.

You know, I really am sympathetic to them.  They've got a horrible backlog, and I know they're getting over 100 requests a day to expedite prints.  It's an impossible situation.  Maybe we could all band together and write the Vice-President, or Hilary, or even Barack himself asking for some extra help for the fingerprint division.  What do you think?

For my final flight of ideas I would like to say "Thanks!" for the car seat suggestions.  The more commonly mentioned brand, Sunshine Kid's Radian has a base measurement of 17 inches.  Our current car seats measure 17 1/2 inches.  Perhaps they'll work?  I've got to get the second seat from Nana and see if I can squeeze them in.

If you finished this post, you are either very, very bored or very, very interested in Russian adoption.  Either way, thanks for sticking it out!!

Big Hugs to all of you!


  1. Sorry I haven't got back to you yet... So busy in the house and I know we will be on the phone for awhile :) I hope I can give you a shout on Weds after I get home from dropping big boy off at school.

    The boys room looks great!