Friday, June 11, 2010

We can see the finish line from here...

Today is it... Embassy Day.  Once we have those visas in our hands, almost nothing (I won't say nothing) can stop us from going home!  It's been a VERY busy couple of days getting used to our two newest family members while they're getting used to us.  I have to admit that I'm really, really surprised at how willing they are to accept cuddling and nuturing.  They both mold nicely when held, although Cooper still needs a little encouragement to lay his head on my shoulder.  When we lay down for nap time they both will lie facing me and let me pet them and kiss them.  They already know what a kiss is and if you ask for one they both pucker up and will give you a big smooch.  I've been rubbing their cheeks and saying "sweet baby", and last night at bedtime, Cooper started stroking my face and trying to say "Sweet baby" back to me.  I got all choked up and had a hard time not crying... he's so darn SWEET.

He's been an awesome little helper and is already learning so much English.  I'm completely astounded at how quickly he's picking it up.  He says "Mama, Dada, Jack-Jack, pants, Mimi, Nana and Hi"  For a child who barely said a single word when we visited in the baby house, he has been chattering and singing non-stop since we picked him up.  When we're done with dinner, he pushes in the chairs and puts the stools against the wall.  After I change diapers, he puts the wipes and changing pad away.  Perhaps each child had a little job in the baby house?   It's so funny, I just show him the diaper and he runs and jumps up on the couch and lays down on the changing pad!!  You gotta love it!!

Carter was most likely just exhausted, hungry and in pain when we saw him these last two weeks.  I've been giving him Tylenol and Motrin for his teething and keeping him fed and hydrated...with that he's an absolute dream!  He's playful and smiley and loves to cuddle and smooch.  The shrieking has eased up considerably, it now centers primarily around the beginning and end of meals.  When we start feeding him, he shrieks for more between bites, then when he's all done and we start cleaning up, he shrieks like we forgot to feed him.  He's easily distracted, but Jeez he's loud!!  He's a hard-core thumb sucker, and does not care for any pacifier substitute I offer.  I wasn't sure how easy he'd be to get back on the bottle, but when he saw it the first time his little eyes lit up like it was Christmas.  He settled in easily tummy to tummy and sucked it right down.  We weren't sure whether to offer him formula or just go straight to milk since we weren't sure if they could tolerate lactose or not.  In the end, we went with milk and they're both doing well.  No diarrhea or apparent tummy upsets.

Speaking of tummies, I had no idea people of that size could eat that much food.  I know I mentioned it before, but Oh. My. God.  These children can eat me under the table.  I am seriously afraid of gastric rupture.  I put reasonable (to heavy) portions down, they suck it down, then look for more.  You guys have seen the photos.  These are not starving orphans.  They have major thigh chub and guts that hang over their pants.  I guess it's residual from their bio home.  They had a fairly hard start in life and it doesn't sound like meals were any too regular there... I imagine it's hard to let go of that fear.  Plus we're strangers and they're not sure how regularly the chuck wagon runs around here!

Okay, I know that no one is hanging around for my delightful prose.  Ya'll want photos, right?  Here you go...

Kickin' with sippy cups after breakfast.

A little art class this morning.

Super Coop's new hair cut.  I had to lose that fringy bang!!

Carter at the park yesterday.

Okay, guys... we're off to the Embassy!!


  1. I am glad everything is falling into place and they are doing well. I love the picture of them coloring together very cute!!!!! keep all of us posted!!!!!

  2. Great pictures! Glad everything is going well! Hope the Embassy visit goes smoothly!

  3. They look so glad to hear they are settling in so well....aren't those hugs and kisses just the best!!!!!!!!!! I can't get enough of them!!! Hope all goes well at the Embassy and then you will be heading home as a family of 5!!!
    P.S. - I am amazed too sometimes at how much little boys can eat!!!

  4. Congrats, they are just adorable! Good luck at the Embassy. You are almost home!!

  5. oh my that part about the shrieking/screaming before/during and after meals brings back memories and not happy ones.

    Those boys are so adorable

    have a safe trip home

  6. Darling boys! Congratulations.

  7. SO happy for you guy's :0) It really makes me want to go back. I LOVE the family pic so adorable.

    When I am reading your post I feel as if I am talking to you on the phone, your sense of humor comes out so well in your writing.

    Safe travels home.
    P.S. Logan asked me if the boys were triplets...It's funny he noticed them all dressed alike :0)

  8. Congratulations! The boys sound like they are fitting in like they've been with you always. Adorable pics -- can't wait to see MORE!


  9. YAHOO!!! as i write this you are hopefully home and all recovering from jet lag :) boy are they ever adorable -- ALL your men, that is - -both the stories from your great writing and the photos! so very happy for you, and looking forward to hearing stories from the chapters of your life here in the US! :) THANKS for sharing your in country time so well with all of us!