Thursday, June 3, 2010

All about the boys...

I realized that I haven't posted about our visits with the boys these last few days...DUH!!  It's been great!!  They've been outside playing the last two times we visited.  Each time they've seen us come through the gate we've gotten a yodel-ly holler and they've come running.  Cooper is starting to get possessive of us.  Yesterday several of the other little kids swarmed us, looking for some attention/affection.  I was holding Carter and trying to pat and hug as many of them I could reach and Lance was doing the same.  Cooper saw the other kids near me and immediately came over to push them aside.  He sat down right beside me and started fending them off.

Carter is always so tired and hungry when we get there... all he does is sit in my lap, suck his thumb and fuss a little.  We arrive at 11:15 or so each day and lunchtime is normally 11:30 for them.  They take the other kids, and let us stay with the boys until 12-12:15 or so, then we go back and feed them.  By that time, they are about to eat their own arms off!!  Right after lunch is nap time, so we only get to see them for 90 minutes or so each visit.

I can't wait to see them when they're NOT tired and hungry.  It's sort of hard to get a feel for their real personalities, you know?  On our first trip, they always fed Carter before they brought him to us, since he was in the baby room.  So he was always cheerful and playful when we visited.  Now he's in the big boy room with Cooper, so he eats a little later.  I don't think he likes waiting for food... He's definitely more clingy and whiny than he was on Trip One.

Cooper is so funny!  He's always giggling and laughing, and he WORSHIPS Jackson.  Everything that Jack does, he wants to do.  He got ahold of Jack's sunglasses and put them up on top of his head, just like he wears them.  Jack's been in Heaven, having someone to follow him around and play with him... I'm very sure THAT won't last long!  I'm sure I'll be hearing, "Mommy, he keeps following me!"  one of these days.

Yesterday Lance was carrying Cooper around and he kept patting him (Lance) on the back and saying "Da-da, Da-da".  He'd point to me and say "Ma-Ma!" .  Then he'd point at Jack and say "Dak-dak" (Jack-Jack).  If you ask him where his brother is, he will point to Carter.  He's starting to get it, I think!  We have two more visits, Friday and Monday, then we get to take them out of there... FINALLY!

We changed our plane reservations to Sunday, since our agency says we can leave early.  We're flying out at 7a.m. which means we have to get up at 3:30 to leave at 4 a.m.  How disgusting is that?  The only good part about it is that we'll get home early in the afternoon instead of past dinnertime.  That should give us some time to get them into the house and get a look around prior to dinner and attempting to get them to bed.  I don't doubt that bedtime is going to be interesting the first few days/weeks we're home!

Today is just gorgeous, unfortunately my tummy is feeling a bit out of sorts, so I'm sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  We got to meet Amy, another adoptive parent with our agency, and her gorgeous little girl for lunch today.  She had her Mom and sister along with her, it's awesome they could come and support her!  I don't think it was lunch that tipped me over, I'm not sure what it is.  I'm gonna sit here and hydrate myself and hope it passes.

Oh, I forgot to mention... my beautiful baby Carter is all banged up!  Sometime between last Wednesday and Monday he fell and gashed his eyebrow open.  They smeared the omnipresent green salve on it and stitched it up.  Between that and his hack job haircut, he looks just pitiful!  We need to scrub off all that green salve and get them both haircuts STAT!!  Poor little guys.  Here's a picture of boo-boo eye...

Hopefully, we'll get to head to the Ismailovsky Market this weekend.  We went for a train ride today and went out there, but we got off at the park, not the Market.  Amy told us which stop to get off at, so we'll give it another go Saturday or Sunday.


Kim, Lance, Jackson, Cooper and Carter

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  1. Glad things are going so well. Sure hope Carter's eye feels better soon! Sounds like Jackson is going to be a great big brother.