Thursday, April 15, 2010

I can't believe it...

I refrained from commenting too openly about the whole fiasco in Tennessee.  It just boggled my mind that someone would return a child to Russia like a pair of shoes they didn't like.  We've sat in a state of suspended animation the past week waiting for the TN District Attorney to step up and file some charges against the "mother" of the poor little boy caught up in this mess.  Apparently they still haven't decided whether or not a crime has been committed or not.  REALLY?  Umm, the last time I checked, child abandonment was a crime.

That issue aside, where do adoptions stand now?  No one knows which cases will be allowed to move forward, if any.  What happens to the folks that are in the 10 day wait?  In Russian civil/family court the judges decision is not final until it is signed 10 days later.  Does that mean that families caught in the waiting period are suspended too?  Some folks have mentioned (hopefully) that families that have already traveled on Trip One and that are waiting for court should be allowed to complete their adoptions.  My gut says that won't happen.  I think the whole thing is going to remain frozen until an agreement is reached.

The agreement.  What will they ask for?  What will the US agree to?  I will be calling my agency today to chat, like everyone else.  I know the answer will be "We don't know".  I just want to hear it from them.

Anyone want to join me on a trip to Tennessee to kick some ass?  I imagine I'll have to get in line...


  1. I am so sorry... My heart and prayers go out to your family and your boys. May they be allowed to come home... SOON.

  2. I too am so sorry. When I read about this unbelievable atrocity, I immediately thought of your family. Prayers, Kim.