Monday, April 19, 2010

And now we wait...

We signed our court petition as well as new Post-Placement and Registration agreements, had them notarized, drove in rainy, nasty Friday night traffic to get them apostilled, then sent them on their way to Russia.  Well, they'll be on their way next week when our local agency folks fly to Moscow to meet with their Russian counterparts.  If they can get there, that is!  Hopefully that volcanic ash cloud will clear soon so everyone can resume traveling.  I know of a couple of families that are stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic... either trying to get to their new children, or trying to get home.

Now the clock starts ticking.  They are free to be adopted, and boy oh boy are we ready to bring them home!


  1. Hoping that things move along quickly and not too much more paperwork requested given the current "bigger" situation happening in russia -- your boys are ready to be loved and you are ready for them to be home. let's get this party started!

  2. i just checked in with you for the first time in a while...i'm so glad things are moving! i bet i know what you were thinking w/ all those planes grounded...'thanks a lot mother earth! we all start using eco bags and you thanks us by spewing ash all over europe!'
    hang in there friend, you are nearly there!