Monday, March 1, 2010

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend...

Ahhh!  The 80's.  I loved them so.  I was a huge fan of big blonde permed hair, frosted champagne pink lip gloss and black eye liner that you heated up with a lighter.  I could, and did, completely rock a banana clip!  Now I have sensible hair, subdued lip color and tastefully applied eyeliner.  When did I get old and boring?  I suppose I could try and work the eyeliner and lip gloss again, but without my spectacular neon oversize t-shirts and matching socks, the effect would be lost.

I regret not having children when I was younger.  But it just wasn't meant to be.  I didn't meet Lance until I was in my mid 30's and we flogged the fertility horse until it fell over dead in the yard.  We went through a brief (and sadly disillusioned) phase where we thought we'd be "child-free".  As usual it all ended in a crying, not Lance... and we started trying to adopt.

I wonder what kind of Mommy I would've been 20 years ago?  Would I be as self-confident?  Would I be as much fun?  Would I have been a SAHM, or would I have focused on my career?  Would I have taken my children and my family for granted?  I'll never be sure how that particluar story played out.  The only thing I'm sure of is that I wouldn't have been given the spectacular gift of being Jackson's Mom.  ~sniff, teary eyed snort~  Man, I love that boy!

Anyway, I digress.  You know what?  I'm like Dug in the movie "Up".  It's like my brain is trotting along in one direction and suddenly... "SQUIRREL!"  Now what was I talking about again?  Oh yes, I remember now... but then sometimes I don't.  I'll start a sentence and then fade off in the middle.  Lance will be looking at me with an expectant look in his eye and say "Yes? You were saying?"  To which I reply "I forgot".  Then he mutters something about me taking Aricept and Namenda for my Alzheimer's disease and how I make him crazy and how can anybody really just fall apart in the middle of a sentence...

Aaaand, there I go again.  Wow, I really did forget where I was going with this whole thing.  All I remember was singing Loverboy and reminiscing about how much fun the 80's were.  I think I'm going to go cut the neck out of a t-shirt and have a private Flashdance moment.  If you walk past an out of shape, middle aged woman wandering through Target, looking confused and singing "Maniac" under her breath, please stop and say "Hi!"  I won't remember your name, but I'll enjoy the company.


  1. kim you are killing me. we are kindred spirits i tell you, except whereas you are dug, i am dory. i know what you mean about wondering about what kind of mom you would have..."oh look! something shiny!"

  2. OMG. i thought maybe it was just me. as an "older" ahem first time mom of an adorable adopted little guy, i have no idea when the complexities of ADHD meets Alzheimers hit me -but i do the same things you describe. more than once daily. i may be jigging to "footloose"somewhere near you -- hopefully we bump into each other as w/ our brains, we may forget this blog exchange by the time we get in our cars to drive to target. hoping all your pprwork is going well to get you back to your next 2 boys with timing as planned!