Friday, March 5, 2010


All of us that live in the Boston area should band together and send our local USCIS office a little love.  I have been continually amazed by their speed and courtesy.  Last August we went in on Monday the 24th for our scheduled fingerprinting appointment.  The office in Lawrence, MA is brand new, sparkly clean and the staff were so polite and helpful.  On Saturday the 29th we had our approval in our hands.  I was completely stunned.

After we got home from our first trip where we were surprised by TWO little boys, we realized that our original approval was no longer valid as our oldest son was over 24 months (the upper age limit on our form).  After speaking to our home study agency, we pulled together the paperwork to amend our USCIS approval to allow us to bring home our children.

I mailed the paperwork out last Friday... as in one week ago.  Thursday morning I received the new, amended I-171H approval.  When I got the envelope, my heart sank, I thought they were asking for more information, or telling us something was missing from our request.  When I saw the updated approval form I had to sit down.  I am just floored.  They really have it together, and they are working in the best interests of the families and children.

Thank you so much Boston office.  You have my eternal gratitude.


  1. yaye for efficient helpful government agencies! great news.

  2. You lucky ducks!!!

    BTW, you left a comment on the blog about Fryazino and I wanted to email you back but it doesn't have your email address on it or on your profile. Can you email me at Thank you ma'am!

  3. Yeay, it's great to find helpful people in our journey to gather the right docs to get our kiddos! Congratulations on getting one more thing done to bring your sons home!

  4. WOW!! That is amazing! I am really, really impressed. Isn't it amazing how USCIS offices can vary so greatly? When we adopted Cubby it took some ridiculous amount of time, 9-12 weeks, to get our 171. I can't imagine if we had to amend the paperwork at any point!

    Anyway, CONGRATS!!

  5. that is awesome!! way to go Boston USCIS folks!! one step closer to your boys!