Monday, July 6, 2009

Gearing up the next paperwork push...

Here we are at the beginning of a new week.  I've been hustling over here like a one-armed paper hanger!  We're going to our final meeting with our social worker on Friday morning, then heading to the bank to notarize the first batch of documents for our dossier.  There's ONLY sixteen of them... this time.  After the bank, we have to convince our PCP (primary care physician) to cough up a copy of her medical license, something they tend to not want to do.  Ahhhh, but charm and good looks will prevail... we hope!

We've got documents scattered all over the country at this point.  Some in Nevada, some in West Virginia, some in Georgia.  That's the hardest part... waiting for people to do what they need to do.  We're nothing but a document to them, unfortunately.  One more piece of paper that crosses their desk.  They have no idea that a little boy in another country is waiting for them, and waiting for us.  That's the weird part of all this... he's been born and is living his life unaware of the changes that are coming.

We're coming little man.... we're coming.

The picture at the top is from our camping trip to NH on the summit of Mt. Washington.  Little man did so well!!

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