Monday, June 29, 2009

One more thing done....

Well, we found out today that our application was accepted by Catholic Social Services (CSS) and we should be receiving our packet with all the dossier requirements some time this week.  We went to the doc today and had our mini physicals and medical forms filled out to complete the homestudy.  One more step along the way...

We had an awesome time camping in NH this past weekend.  The weather was great, for the most part.  Jackson had a great time on Mt. Washington... he fell approximately 657 times, but no major injuries.  The rain held out until last night when it started raining... and raining... and raining.  We were getting ready to call in an ark, but instead decided to break camp and come on home.  Stuffing a car full of soaking wet gear was not on our agenda, but we survived.

Once I figure out how to post photos, I will.  And I did.

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